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In-Home Dog Training Services in Willowick and Beyond

What We Offer

As a top-rated dog training company, Family Dog Training is honored to serve clients throughout northeastern Ohio. We bring our programs to your front door, focused on creating opportunities for you and your dog to build a mutual understanding. Thanks to more than 30 years of experience, we understand the challenges that can come with dog ownership, and we’re glad to help you enjoy your life with your furry friend.


Our Training Services

​We work with dogs as young as eight weeks and older. We’re all about cultivating an adult animal with a great connection to its owner so that both can live happily together. We love the wide variation in animal personalities and temperaments, and we’re happy to tweak our approach to suit your animal’s needs. Our training school comes to you so your dog can learn in a familiar setting — and you don’t have to make a drive.


We offer:

  • Puppy Starter Classes

  • Obedience Training

  • Personal Protection Training


We are dedicated to creating a better bond between you and your dog. Whether you are looking to adopt your first pup, want techniques to support your pooch’s development, or need to teach your old dog some new tricks, we’re here to provide you with the very best tools and support to help your furry friends live up to their utmost possibilities.


A lot can happen during this month-and-a-half workshop! It is a highly focused obedience program that can help you learn basic commands and behavioral solving, such as housebreaking to jumping.


In this two month course, you will learn everything offered in the six week program, plus the start of long line work, doing commands up to 10 feet away, as well as distraction work.


You will learn all about obedience commands, hand signals, and verbal commands. The start of a long line up to 30 feet away, distraction work, and the start of off-leash work.


In this program, we will take you to full off-leash work as your pup gets fully comfortable with obeying your commands.

Puppy Training
With our in-home program, you can start your puppy’s training as young as eight weeks of age. Teaching good manners at a young age is the key to having a polite, well-mannered puppy later on. If you have an older puppy, don’t worry — it’s never too late to start! Our dog trainers are all certified and cater each program specifically to your needs and goals. We create custom training programs for each of our clients, no matter how old your puppy is! Plus, puppy training is a great way to prevent aggression and bad behavior later on, which can be especially important for families with children in the home.

You Can Teach An Old Dog New Tricks
As stated above, we are more than happy to train dogs of all ages! If you’re dealing with an older dog that seems to be doing whatever they want, don’t feel like you’ve hit a dead end because they never seem to listen to you no matter how many treats you bribe them with. Family Dog Training provides you with the tools you need to establish those necessary ground rules, drastically improving the relationship between you and Fido.

Let’s Get Started
A well-trained dog lives a happier life because it knows how to cooperate with its owner. When you have an obedient dog, you’re free to enjoy the best things about canine ownership without frustration or worry. We use positive, dog-friendly, scientifically-sound methods to train puppies and adult dogs of all breeds, ages, and sizes. We don’t use electric collars, choke chains, pinch collars, or other aversive tools or techniques that could fear or harm the dog.

Each client gets their own customized program that results in a level of control, calmness, and responsiveness that works both in your home and outside of your home. Partner with Family Dog Training and transform your relationship with your dog today.

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