In-Home Dog Obedience Training

We Are the Professional Difference in Dog Training

Dog ownership is equal parts love and responsibility. Family Dog Training is here to help you get the responsibility part right, which makes it easier to foster a loving relationship with your furry buddy. We’ve trained dogs for more than 30 years, and we’d be privileged to bring our professional services to your front door.

We offer training for dogs starting at eight weeks old. Whether we’re training a puppy or resolving troublesome behaviors in an adult, our overall goal is to develop a mutual understanding between pet and owner. Once we do that, it’s possible for both to have a great life together. When we know that the client will get the most out of their relationship with their dog, we know we’ve done our job right.

We serve clients across Northeastern Ohio, and we stand apart from other trainers because we come to your home. We find that it’s much easier for dogs to develop good behaviors when they aren’t stressed and distracted by a new environment (the same goes for their owners). As soon as we arrive, we put everyone at ease and customize our approach to suit the situation. This is professional dog training at its best.


Why You Should Train Your Dog

  • To Build A Positive Relationship

  • To Teach Life Skills

  • To Increase Sociability

  • To Avoid Problem Behaviors

  • For Loyalty and Companionship

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Why is Obedience Training Good for You and Your Dog

Creates a Closer Bond With Your Dog


Provides Mental Stimulation Which Keeps them Happy


Eliminates Bad Behavior


Training Enhances the Dogs Well-Being

Training Your Pup is Important

While sometimes it may not seem like it, especially when your dog is ignoring your every command, training provides mental stimulation for your dog. It helps keep them happy, and when combined with morning exercise, your dog will be mentally and physically tired at the end of the day and far more likely to sleep during the day. Another great reason for obedience training is a way to establish yours and their place in the social hierarchy. By obeying your command, your dog is recognizing you as the pack leader, showing their respect for you.


Obedience training is critical when it comes to nurturing a healthy human-animal relationship and creating a socially compatible pet. Some of the most basic commands, like sit, down, stay, come, and heel, help produce a good canine citizen. In a more practical sense, dogs that have succeeded in obedience training have easier lives, and are easier to live with compared to their untrained peers.

Dogs that undergo obedience training are more likely to be included in activities, both inside of the home and out, and are less likely to wind up isolated in the garage, basement, or upstairs in someone’s room. Obedience training is an education in good manners that, almost literally, opens many doors for otherwise confined dogs. Rather than thinking of obedience training as a series of pointless rituals, think of it as a tool to help dogs cope in the real world.

Training your dog helps to strengthen the bond between you both. Having a dog that is well-trained, obedient, happy, relaxed, responsive, and easy for you to manage means that you will get more pleasure from dog ownership, and as a result, will be more likely to be closer with your dog. Being able to better manage your dog also means that they can be easily controlled and can even more so become a part of the family, joining events instead of being uncontrollable, misbehaving, and having to be left at home or shut away. This helps improve their quality of life just as much as it does yours.

A bonus is that in-home dog obedience training is fun for you and your dog. Exercises are stimulating and engaging, and the helpful practice tips that our in-home trainers provide will give you a great opportunity to grow closer with your dog by trying obedience training commands yourself.


By calling our in-home dog obedience trainers in Willowick, Ohio, you can rest assured knowing that you are getting the level of professionalism you need when you expect high-quality dog training. With years of experience and expertise in this field, we have become Northeastern Ohio’s leading in-home dog training company. Life with your dog should be exciting, heart-warming, and rewarding. Under our guidance, you’ll get to experience why dogs are correctly called “man’s best friend.” Learn more about our training programs today.

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