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Here at Family Dog Training all training is done in your home. Your pet will go through many levels of control, from simple on leash training, to more advanced off-leash training. You will be able to trust your dog at any distance without the use of any electronic devices or pinch collars like other trainers use. Your dog will focus on you, not all those other distractions. Here at family dog training we also can teach your pet to be a family protector, no matter what breed you have, your overly-friendly pet can be taught to be your personal bodyguard without the thought of him losing his happy, friendly nature. For more on this training please feel free to contact us.

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My Story

My name is Bob Ropos and I’ve been training dogs for well over 30 years. I believe in developing a mutual understanding between you and your pet, because caring for an animal in your home is as much about responsibility as it is about love. Get the most out of your relationship with your pet by calling me today.


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Our personal protection training will teach your dog to protect your family home or your business. We are not guard dog trainers, but instead we are personal protection trainers. There is a big difference between the two; your pet will still be the loving family member to friends and family, but if the situation arises and someone tries to break into your home or business or to harm a family member your pet will turn into Bruce Lee! If you're looking for the best deterrent to crime - burglary - or assault, have your dog trained for personal protection.

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I have worked with trainers and my dogs over the course of years. Never have I been this satisfied with the results, the professionalism and the training. Uncle Bob truly understands how to get my dog to do exactly what is asked of her. Bob has helped create a team between Finley my pup and I I couldn’t ask for more! The best trainer I’ve ever worked with. - Joyce A.

Very Patient

Very Patient

Uncle Bob is bar none a legend among dog trainers. Not only is he very patient with the dog. But he understands our dog and knows exactly how to train her. Bob takes a slow and methodical approach. Including small victories, baby steps and makes sure that both dog and the dog owner understands everything before continuing. He is also very good at calling his clients and checking in. We signed up for his full 8 week class and I'm glad we did. 100% approval. This man is my new go to for anything dog training. - Andrew M.



Bob has been amazing to work with! We have only had two sessions and have seen such an amazing change in our dog! He’s so patient with our training and responsive to any questions we have! Definitely recommend! - Katie P.

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